“Welcome to viewers especially our lovable students and respected parents, where education means all round development of the child. This is a school that has a mission to make each child achieve his and her best. “


We at Ashwani Public School to respect the unique individuality of each child give the child the right of kind of help. We believe that a child will be successful in life if we accept him/her as they are and inspire them to become what they want to become they want to be liked, appreciated and to be respected their individuality.


We give a lot of importance to make discipline a core value, encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility through a well planned academic schedule, House system, and various inter-school, inter-school competition and sports activities. We expect them to do the same at home too like making the beds, keeping the rooms tidy, helping and supporting the family members in the daily chores etc.


The school has a well-planned curriculum, so that co-curricular activities also are given due importance. The school Almanac and personal booklet give all the important information on school like the routine, rules and regulation, uniforms test schedule, holidays, co-curricular activities and feedback from teachers. The parents should ensure that their ward is actively involved in all activities.

Finally, I want to assure that the managements and our team of experienced teachers are doing their best to give your child the required edge to make his/her mark in this global world.



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