We, at Ashwani Public School (APS) have committed ourselves to vigorously and proactively seek the voice of our students and parents towards meeting their dynamic educational needs enthusiastically by providing healthy environment and utmost exposure in National and International perspective, which motivates the students to focus and have an extra edge in today’s Multifaceted Global World.


We shall inculcate and ensure qualitative change in the personality of the students by cultivating best human behavior, habits, skills, and nourishment of preventative capability through professional excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities.


We shall create a vibrant environment & continuously improve upon the infrastructure and necessary services sensing contemporary needs through implementation of quality management system of International Standard.


We shall recognize and respect that positive attitudes firmly influence in promoting the harmonious development and true dignity of all young people who are under our domain.


We shall apply modern academic principles in the management system of the school that result in high quality of education.

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